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Three Shi Ju was founded in early 2000. It was the first vegetarian restaurant in the City of Cheng Du. The restaurant specialized in its vegetarian dumpling product line. The dumplings were without meat, egg, garlic, three kinds of onions, and leeks. They were very popular among customers for its great taste, high quality raw materials, environmental friendly nature and excellent nutritive value. Moreover, a master monk from the Cheng Du Zhao Jue Temple called our dumplings “the northern China dumpling king”. Three Shi Ju vegetarian dumplings were often catered as the food of choice for the temple and received high praise from the monks.

The founder of Three Shi Ju is profoundly linked with Buddhism as well. He was a Buddhist monk for many years and is now a lay disciple. Due to kindness and sincerity, his master was determined to teach him everything he knew. The founder of Three Shi Ju was also a military man. He is only of middle age, but has experienced all facets of life. Due to his past experiences, he has a unique understanding of life and Buddhism. He hopes to liberate all beings and founded this brand of green healthy vegetarian food products for the good of all.

Upper Shi: recognition of morals and heart, serve the public, learn to help and benefit other over self.

Middle Shi: harmony and love; environmental friendly and protect our green nature.

Lower Shi: moral and ethics; work hard; provide healthy, nutritious food of high quality.

Ju: intelligence, knowledge and love will always rest in my heart.

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