Raw material


We produce all the products are healthy and healthy food, both in the taste of the product, with nutrition, the product should reflect the pursuit of healthy and elegant diet of the public needs. For the control of product quality, we first from the source of product materials to start, in the procurement of raw materials, we adhere to the three principles.

★ natural: the product does not add any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and other additives, all ingredients are selected in the natural, nor doped any chemical synthesis of food.
★ quality: the company has 500 acres of green pollution-free vegetables for the base, and with large-scale fruit and vegetable base signed specifically for the contract to ensure the quality of raw materials and stable supply.
★ safety: the source of raw materials are to follow the regular manufacturers and units of supply, in the first R & D testing qualified to establish the use of qualified to ensure that the production of raw materials have standards, quality can be investigated.


"Raw material planting purchase video display"